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Seiei Kan Event Calendar

Calendar for 2002- Updated as soon as I get the info.

22nd Annual Training Camp

You and your students are invited to attend and participate in the 22nd Annual AKJU TEAM AMERICA Training Camp. This camp has become the highlight of the Karate year and with the high caliber of teaching, this is one camp you don't want to miss! PLAN FOR IT NOW-- This Camp is poen to instructors, students & children of all stles, age, and rank. Families can come and have a weekend of Karate enjoyment!

The format will be a little different this year-- you will have the choice as to which art you study. You can stay with one instructor or sample them all. A list of instructors and times will be given to you. You decide on what you want to learn!

Elite Ju-Jitsu Instruction
Get limbered up for this one! Our team of Seiei-kan Ju-Jistu Masters will focus on:
  • The much sought after Duo System
  • How to Fall Take downs
  • Small & Large circles and joint reaction
  • And much more!
Sochin Kata
Instructed by Master Larry Sahand. The most obvious feature of this Kata is the prominence given to the practice of Sochin-dachi, the "rooted" or immovable stance which provides a powerful base for resistance of attacks from all quarters.
Advanced Kung Fu & Tai Chi
Mawster Lawrence Day of Chinese Shaolin and his outstanding Shaolin team will be teaching:
  • Cane Techniques
  • Push Hands "Sticky Hands"- Master Steve Wallace and Chris Page
  • Tai Chi Straight Sword- Sifu Bob Calisto and Sifu Clyde Hurst
  • Tai Chi Broad Sword- Sifu Ted Gorczynski and Jim Parker
  • Tai Chi Iron Fan
  • Personal Protection- Soke Don Madden (Adults Only) Don Madden & his "Deadly Ghost" will be dteaching the Personal Protection 2 hour seminar.
  • Restraining Tactics- Officer Zane Nickel will be teaching restraining tactics used by law enforcement officials
Dormitory Housing: $125/person
Motel: $155/person (two people/room)
Holt Lodge: $175/person (two people/room)

This one low price includes all meals, lodging and instruction. A $20 deposit will hold your spot, but MUST BE PAID IN FULL BEFORE MAY 1st! A BEAUTIFUL CERTICICATE WILL BE GIVEN TO ALL PARTICIPANTS!

Check in will be 6p.m. Friday, May 31. The first class will start at 8:00PM to 9:30 PM. that evening.
Check out will ber after lunch Sunday, June 2, 2002.

The camp sells out quick. Make your reservations early. Hotel type reservations must be paid in full with application to guarantee your accomodatoin. Applications paid in full by May 1, 2002 will receive a Camp T-shirt FREE. Of course, Cash or Money Order will be accepted!

Send checks, money orders, or cash to:
Don Madden
42 East 2nd Street
Chillicothe, OH 45601