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Photos from AKJU Team America Training Camp

Sarah Adkins and Sifu Dirk JacquetTeam America
Sarah Adkins and Sifu Dirk JacquetSensei Rick Cable and Master Lawrence DayThe team travelling to Ireland
Group PhotoThe MaddensThe Maddens
A Group PhotoSensei Heather Madden, Soke and Mrs. MaddenA close up
Broad Sword demoSifu Dirk and the five animal formsEm
A Broadsword Demo with Sifu Dirk and some of his students from camp.Sifu Dirk demonstrating the five-animal formsEm demonstrating the fan form
Master GlennKung FuSarah and Dirk
Master Glenn demonstrating the Plum Flower Fist FormThe Kung Fu GroupSarah and Sifu Dirk