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In 562 B.C. a form of karate was started by Daruma Tashi and was first taught in Shorin Temple in China. The first teaching plan was the art of controlling one's heart, mind and soul as only an exercise. In later years, people named this exercise Shorin Kempo, meaning "way of the fist".
Up to this point, Shorin Kempo has been taught to Buddhist Monks only. The Chinese people took over the Ryukyu Islands (Okinawa). The Okinawan people had their own method of self-defense called Te (one's hand). King Naopashi saw that the Chinese people had some good points in their exercise in developing one's mind and body so he put the Okinawa Te and the Chinese Kempo together and formed Karate (empty hand).
During the rule of Okinawa by King Hashi and later the Satsuma Clan, all weapons were seized and possession of them was strictly forbidden. As a result the art of empty-hand self<1efense underwent a tremendous developmental phase. The art of Karate we study today has been passed down from these masters through the centuries. Modern Karate is not only a self-defense art, but, is practiced as a sport. Also, it is a physical and mental conditioner and builder of character. We try to promote the true Spirit of Karate by developing the following:

The first Ko Sutemi Dojo was formed in 1959 and since that year the number of schools has grown to exceed 200 with a membership of over 8000. Our Grandmaster's name is Donald R. Madden, and he holds the rank of Ninth degree black belt, and resides in Chillicothe, OH, where our main dojo is located. Madden began his training in the Martial Arts in 1942 when his father began teaching him Ju Jitsu. From these roots evolved one of the largest karate organizations in the United States, Ko Sutemi Seiei Kan. For more info on Mr. Madden, click HERE.
Benefits of Ko Sutemi Seiei Kan

Ko Sutemi means: small sacrifice, success by all means, positive thinking.
Seiei means: crack troop, the pick o fthe best.
Kan means: intuition, perception.

The Etiquette of Karate

The following customs and regulations have been handed down from master to master and will be adhered to in training.

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